Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011 to All

May you have a safe and prosperous year and be blessed with good health.  To all my stitching buddies, may your fingers be nimble, your thread say unknotted and your needles smoking hot.
I ended 2010 with 19 stitched projects. This was my last one.Jeasus is the reason....
It’s a Lil’ Britters Design, “He’s the Reason”.  I stitched it on 14ct Aida from Silkweaver Fabrics call Days Gone By.  Now to figure out how I want to finish it.  I spent today working on an old WIP.  I hope to have her finished by Monday.When the boat comes in  I belong to the most awesome group on yahoo called Shared_Crosses.  We are encouraging each other to finish as many old WIP projects as possible this year.  I’ve picked 18 out of the 50 that I have and this is one of them.  As you can see all that is left are the fish and a bunch of back stitching…UGH.
This is the next piece I want to work on starting Monday.Summer Welcom - Paula Vaughan
It is Paula Vaughan’s Summer Welcome.  I’ll work on it until Friday afternoon.  Then it is time for me to pick up my Angel of Cross Stitch for out 2nd weekend of the month SAL.  Here is what I have done on my AoCS so far.AoCS
Yes she is from the leaflet with 498 colors.  I am loving her though.  I also hope to be a little more consistent in updating my blog then I have been these past years…LOL.  Anyhow, (((hugs))) to all and Happy Stitching.

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