Sunday, November 13, 2011

Finished my Paula Vaughan

I finished my Paula Vaughan "summer Welcome" a while back.  I'm finally getting around to posting a picture of it.


I also did a couple of ornaments for two Christmas exchanges.  I'm finishing challenged so it was really fun trying to figure out how to do these.  The one picture is the material I used for backing.

I've completed three WIP/UFO's.  My pile is very slowly dwindling down.  At least until I get ready to start next years stitching challenge...LOL.

I designed this one for Cynthia's kindergarten teacher last year.
An my last update is a couple of plant pokes I stitched for an exchange.

I hope you all have a wonderful stitching week.  I hope to be back here soon but with me you never know...LOL.

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