Saturday, February 7, 2009

Stitching Tools

I just finished making some stitching tools. I'm considering selling these to make some extra money. If your interested in purchasing any of them just leave me a comment. You can see them in the album called Stitching Tools.

Scissor Fob's - Beads $10.00
Scissor Fob's - Shells $14.00
Scissor Fob's - Crystals $18.00 (Not Shown)
Thread Picker - $6.00
Thread Hopper - $8.00
Marking Pins - $5.00 (pair)
Short Thread Catcher - $20.00

I do accept PayPal.


Penny said...

Those are very pretty and I was wondering what a thread picker was now I know.

Anonymous said...

Terry, these are so pretty. I too make scissor fobs and just an FYI, I've had a little luck selling on
You might want to try there; the listing fee is $.20 for each item but you do have to wait for a sale. If you've never seen this site, it's VERY addicting!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

I am also on Etsy & it is easy to set up an account. Pretty tools.